So where have I been?

Hello Everyone!
 So as you can probably tell by the date of my last post I haven't posted anything in so long, so today I thought i might tell you guys where was I and what I was doing.
First of all i was having my exams and preparing for exams is a tough job ya'll probably know that. So because of that I was under so much stress so i thought i should leave blogging for a little bit and when i am done with my exams i will start again because when i do something i love but i'm under stress i end up hating that thing and i really didn't wanted to hate blogging so i left my blog all alone lol. 
Also after my exams a really good friend of mine  (Don't forget to visit her) wanted to start a blog and she needed some help, so i helped her and i decided to start blogging again after her blog is published.
And now i'm here again and i want new post ideas. If you guys have any ideas don't forget to leave a comment below.
Thanks for visiting my left alone blog.
Amina xoxo

Disclaimer: The photos are not mine.


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