A Trip to Northern Areas, Pakistan.

So recently my family decided to go on a trip to Kashmir, Pakistan. I live in Pakistan but I've never visited that place in my life, that's why when my family was planning the trip I got too excited and started thinking about how much fun would it be but unfortunately I could not go on that trip with my family. When they came back and showed me picture i was so jealous because that place is travel goals. It's a really nice place to relax yourself, have fun and to spend some fun time with family and friends. Even though I couldn't visit that place i thought i might share some of the pictures with you. So I hope that you enjoy the pictures like i did. 

These are a few photos from Gilgit, Pakistan.

This is a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan.
Now the rest of the photos you'll see are from Kashmir, Pakistan.
These are the ruins of a 7000 year old Shardha University.
This is a 500 year old temple.

This river is actually the border between Pakistan and India. So the land you see on the other side of this river belongs to India.

A visit to a farm of Trout Fish.

Inside the wooden boxes are graves.

A few photos of India from Pakistan lol.

Lots of beautiful waterfalls on the way.
They all spent a night in tents which is super cool and i really wish I was there.

Schools in India on the other side of river.


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