Grow Healthy and Long Hair (Fast)

Hello Everyone!
So guys today I'm gonna show you guys how I manage to get non frizzy hair and also how to grow hair really fast. 

Stay Hydrated:

Okay guys this is no joke this thing really works. When you drink lots of water your hair well stay hydrated and this really reduces the dryness of your hair which causes friziness.

Don't use cheap hair products:

Here's the thing, don't play with your hair. Treat your hair like your BAE if that makes sense. Buy hair products that you are sure it won't damage your hair, that way you hair will grow faster, shiner, healthier, thicker and stronger. Also wash your hair after three days because using too much chemicals may damage your hair.


Oiling your hair may sound a bit nasty but if you want beautiful hair you gotta do that girl. Coconut Oil is best for your hair because it reduces frizz and increases hair growth.

Reduce applying heat on hair:

Alot of people apply heat in order to reduce the friz but forget that it is causing soo much damage and increases the hairfall. So if you really want beautifull hair don't use heat, and if you are using heat don't forget to apply heat protectant spray it really helps reduce the hair damage.

Products that I use to reduce the frizz:

I use Pantene Oil reaplacement Smooth and Silky. It really helps reduce frizz and makes your hair look a lot smoother than before. All you need to do is apply a little amout on you wet hair and leave it just like that. When you hair gets dry you will see the effect.

Thank youso much for reading it. I hope it helps you. Bye!


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