My Winter Playlist

Listening to songs is a really nice way to relax your mind when you are having a really stressful or busy day. Also everyone does have their own taste in music not everyone love all the kind of music. You are not gonna love their favorite music and they are not gonna love yours. For me I think winter is that time of year when you like to be more cozy and relax and chill out in your winter jumper by a cozy fire having a really nice cup of tea and listening to really nice relaxing music beacuse thants what I do and I absolutly love it. So toay I'm gonna show you some of my favourite songs that I've been listening through this winter. These are not the only songs I will be listening this whole winter of course because there will be new songs coming out but untill then these are few of my favourites.

Hello By Adele:
I know this is everyones favourite but yeah i got to mention this in my blog because this is what i love and nothings gonna stop me from loving it lol.
History By One Direction:
One direction is my favourite band and i'm a huge directioner so i have to have a one directions song in my winters playlist so it is history i love it so much and definetly listening to it all the time.
Focus By Ariana Grande:
There is something in Ariana's voice that makes you feel really calm I guess or thats just me (please tell me in the comments) but whatever it is i love ariana and her songs and everything she does so that makes me a huge arianator too i guess.
Clean By Taylor Swift:
I love Tayor and all of her songs but i have been listening to clean pretty much every second recently because this song is really calming trust me guys but again everyone has their own taste in music.
Sorry By Justin Bieber: 
Not most of the people love justins songs but I'm not one of those i love him so much and all of his songs and now days sorry is one of my favourite.
Same Old Love By Selena Gomez:
Again one of my favourite artist love her so much and her songs and now days its this one is my favourite song of her.
Home By One Direction:
This is my another fav because one direction recently dropped thier album called Made in the A.M.
so i've got to have more than one favourite song of my favorite band also i love perfect too.

So thats it guys these are a very few of my favourites this winter there are alot of others too but these one mentioned above are those which I'm listening like all the time and never get bored. Also let me know which one are your favourites.


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