Favourite Makeup Products

Hey guys! So today i wanted to tell you guys about a few makeup products i absolutely love. These products are from different brands and the result is amazing when you apply these on your face. So lets get straight into it.
So lets start with the foundation. The foundation i really love is revlon colorstay. I've been using this for more than 2 months and i absolutely love the results.
Now it's time for a concealer. Concealer is actually my favourite make product because of it's ability to cover all the imperfections on your face and leaves your makeup looking flawless. So the concealer i love is maybelline instant anti-age. I really love the brush because it makes to easy to apply the product on your face. It covers all the imperfections so perfectly and also provides a really nice high lightening effect.
Now for bronzer. I love mac bronzer because it leaves a really natural effect. It is perfect for everyday look and you can wear every single day because it does not give you a really dramatic look.
I don't wear blushers normally but if i really want to get the look of healthy cheeks i go for a peach blush. It leaves a really nice effect making your cheeks look healthy and it give a unique look to your face also. 
Now to set in everything i like to use a loose powder also using a loose powder leaves your makeup looking matte and your makeup stays for a really long time. The powder i love is Rimmel silky loose face powder.

Note: The photos are not mine but review is true.


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